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Prayer for Rea Carlson
posted by: Sonia Slate on 7/17/2018

The Family of Rea Carlson is asking for a prayer. Rea Carlson is going to undergo a Kidney transplant today. She is my co-worker Auntie. Thanks for the prayer
I will pray 6 people are praying.
posted by: Bethany on 7/18/2016

I am planning on making the move to WA and have been seeking much prayer about this move. I am currently in AZ looking for a job. Ultimately, I want to make sure I am moving in the way God wants and that I am not just acting because this is what I want.
I will pray 18 people are praying.
My Mother - Elsie Smith
posted by: Trish Campbell on 8/19/2014

I just want to thank God and all of you that have been keeping my mother Elsie Smith in your prayers. Surgery is over and tests are back and they are recommending 15 Radiation Treatments and then there is a pill now that can help where you take 1 per day for 5 years. But right now they got all of the cancer! Please continue keeping her in your prayers but Praise God it all looks great!
Amen! 36 people are praising.
My Mom
posted by: Trish Campbell on 7/23/2014

Praise God my mom's surgery is this Monday and flights, timing, and costs all worked out for our sister to go and be with her thru this.
Amen! 36 people are praising.
My son Charles
posted by: Trish Campbell on 7/14/2014

Have asked for prayer for my son Charles to find work - work where God wanted him to be for his plan in Charles' life. Charles started a job last week - everything seems to be going great and he feels this is where he is to be. Praise God for being with us thru all of this and for His Grace!!!
Amen! 33 people are praising.
Prayer for Healing for my Mom
posted by: Trish Campbell on 7/14/2014

My mom (Elsie Smith) has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She has her appts with the Cancer Doctor, the Surgeon, and the treatment Doctor all tomorrow before scheduling surgery. Please pray for strength, peace, and healing. Pray that the stage is treatable and she will be cancer free when this is all over. Took an ultra sound after a mammogram to find it so hopefully that means it is in the real early stages. Cancer not on her side. Also please pray for us kids - we lost our Dad to cancer and this is really hard for us. She also lives alone out of state so is hard not to be there with her thru this. My sister is trying to be there for the surgery - please pray all the flights and timing works for her going also.
I will pray 31 people are praying.
Praise Report
posted by: Cheryl Nelson on 8/22/2011

First of all I want to thank everyone in the church for praying and giving me scripture when I was looking for work. I called this morrning and spoke with Cheryl Fuller at US Security Associates and she told me I will start training this week for the job. Please keep me in your prayers as I begin my training. Again, I want to thank everyone who had prayed and giving me scripture during the time seeking employment.
Amen! 123 people are praising.
posted by: Cecile Smith on 8/17/2011

I asked for prayer this morning....and then Angie called me and we talked for quite some time... SHE REDEDICATED HER LIFE TO THE LORD.....SHE PRAYED WITH ME...PRAISE GOD PRAISE GOD PRAISE GOD please pray for her discipling her....and absolutely for her son Devan Cecile
I will pray 135 people are praying.
My friend's son
posted by: Cecile Smith on 8/17/2011

Hey WCA Family My friend Angie, through my PartyLite business has a 19 year old son who is so strung out on Meth that he was found on the street asleep about 2 weeks ago.... Angie has since taken the 'tough love' approach and asked him to leave their home because he would not straighten out. His court date is on 9/20 and at that time the arresting officer is asking for the court to send him away to rehab....Angie is asking for prayer that her son would come around on his own... I am asking for prayer for his salvation....his awareness of his need for God/Jesus....that God would bring him to a point...break that Devan can look up to a Holy God and confess his sins and be comforted by the ONLY ONE who can give him everlasting comfort.... I am praying for Angies salvation...that this situation would be the one that brings her to a real relationship with Jesus...she has head knowledge... Thank you Cecile
I will pray 129 people are praying.
Stage 4 Cirrhosis
posted by: Katie Jones on 8/5/2011

This is friend Katie just had her Gall Bladder removed and they ran test the other day. Tests came back with the results being stage 4 Cirrhosis. She hardly drinks....she does, however have a blood disorder which, according to the doctors, is the cause. She is in her 30's and a mom of 3...a believer who loves the Lord...Please pray for her thank you Cecile
I will pray 122 people are praying.