8:30    Doors open for Check-In
9:00    Worship Rally
9:15    Bible Study
9:44    Missions
10:07  Recreation
10:30  Snacks
10:53  Music
11:16  Crafts
11:40  Worship Rally
12:00  Dismissal/Parent Pick-Up
Time are subject to change without notice.
Schedule may differ depending on rotation group.
Worship Rally
Kids will startand end the day reciting the VBS Scripture and Motto, sing the day's theme song and learning the day's theme.
Bible Study
Kids will explore the daily Bible stories that reinforce the daily theme.
Kids will learn about missions taking place in the USA and across the ocean.
Kids will play themed games that will teach them about team work.
Hungry starveyors will be anxious to eat every themed snack.
Each day, the kids will learn the daily theme song along with the actions.
Each craft will help reinforce the day's Bible truth.