Westwood Christian Community

Becoming a Community to Reach Our Community

 About Us


Because everybody needs a church home...Westwood Christian Community is a family of believers who are passionate about ENCOUNTERING GOD, ENCOURAGING PEOPLE towards Christian maturity, and ENGAGING PEOPLE in active and practical ministry within the church and to our community. 

ENCOUNTERING is the foundation of our home. We encounter God through corporate worship, prayer, reading the Scriptures, and fellowship. (2 Timothy 3:16)

ENCOURAGING are the walls of our home. It's our intention to encourage believers towards spiritual maturity, healing, wholeness through inspiring classes, active small groups, and by aiding in the development of meaningful relationships.

ENGAGING believers is the roof of our home. Active believers are healthy believers! We are passionate about Christians engaging in active, and practical ministry within the church and to the community. (For example: Music ministries, host/greeter, altar ministry, prayer, teaching, and evangelism.)